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What's In The Box

  There is a lot inside the box...  
  Units I, II, III and IV Come in Their Own Heavy Duty Binders
Each Clearly Marked to be Easily Seen on Your Book Shelf

 Unit I Visit Plans
 41  individualized activity plans provde step-by-step instructions to:

  • connect with any isolated resident and stimulate meaning
  • build relationships
  • help residents to feel at home 
   Unit IProfessional Activity Director’s Handbook

 It teaches you how to:

  • set up the program
  • train and manage staff and volunteer visitors
  • quickly and effectively customize the program to the needs of each resident
  • acquire and organize materials
  • monitor and assess resident participation
  • evaluate and supervise staff and volunteers

   Unit III Visit Corps Assignment Log

Contains Visit Core Assigment Log forms. These enable you to inform each volunteer
and staff member;

  • which residents they will visit
  • what Visit Plans they will use
even when you are out of the building or busy with something else
   Unit IV Resident Documentation Binder

Clarifies and simplifies your information management. It includes;

    Art and Poetry Start-Up Packet

Gets you started with a packet of pictures and written words needed for individual room visits.


 Planning Toolkit for the Activity Director

Enables you to customize each residents quarterly program in 15 minutes or less. It contains:

  • Easy Develop a Rotation Guide
  • Yearly Room Visit Rotation Plan
  • Special Resident Visit Plan
  • The Domain and Visit Plan Reference Flow Chart, and 
  • Quality of Life Concept Glossary
   10-Minute Handbook for Visit Corps Members.

Fifty (50) copies of a 4-page guidebook for visit corps members to take home with them following their orientation sessions

uparrow1w.gif  ib-forms-275x210.jpg    Master copies of all forms.

Fifty (50) copies of each form used in The Pleasyre of Your Company.


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