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Meet The Pleasure of Your Company®


The Need

There are four major needs of long-term care homes that The Pleasure of Your Company successfully addresses.

  • The Pleasure of Your Company involves everyone in your home in meeting the one-to-one individualized activity needs of your most isolated and cognitively frail residents.
  • The Pleasure of Your Company supports compliance with the requirements of OBRA Interpretive Guidelines F-248 and F-249 as they relate to individualized one-to-one programming and interdepartmental collaboration.
  • The Pleasure of Your Company helps you build a more effective staff by educating and engaging everyone in the home as a champion of quality of life.
  • The Pleasure of Your Company adds substance and sparkle to marketing your home.






Our Vision

The Mission of the Pleasure of Your Company Project

  • First, to assure that every nursing home resident in America who is at risk for isolation is supported in building meaningful relationships and participating in activities that are customized to who they are and what they need.
  • Second, to provide resources to make real OBRA's mandate that a person's Quality of Life be given the same priority as Quality of Care.

The Product

The Pleasure of Your Company is a Comprehensive Individualized Activity Program that enables the activity director to organize the whole home's staff into a Visit Corps to provide activities for the most isolated residents. It provides the tools and resources to organize, delegate, continually educate, monitor, evaluate and supervise the entire nursing home community as it meets the individualized quality of life needs of each isolated resident.

These are all the things that come in the box when you purchase The Pleasure of Your Company:

  • 41 detailed, varied, ready-to-use Visit Plans in two parts: Part 1 orients your volunteer or staff member to what he or she is doing and why. Part 2 includes detailed step-by-step instructions and includes language and tips to build rapport and trust.
  • Planning Toolkit for the Activity Director enables you to customize each resident's quarterly program in 15 minutes or less.
  • Professional Activity Director's Handbook that teaches you how to set up the program, train and manage staff and volunteers; organize the Visit Corps; customize each person's program; acquire and organize materials; monitor and assess resident participation; and evaluate and supervise staff and volunteers.
  • Art and Poetry Start-Up Packet contains photographs and poetry.



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