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How to Use POYC


How to use The Pleasure of Your Company

  Okay, I’m ready…how do I use the Pleasure of Your Company (POYC) system?  
  1. Read the POYC  Professional Activity Director’s Handbook to get an overview of the system. 

  2. Gather and organize the materials for the visit plans. These are detailed in the Part X Gathering your Materials in the Handbook.

  3. Build your initial Visit Corps utilizing both “in-reach” to current staff and volunteers and “out-reach” to people in the community. See Handbook Part VI Build The Visit Corps In Your Home.

  4. Begin to educate your Visit Corps using the two Lesson Plans provided in Part IX Educating Volunteers of the Handbook to get everyone started.

  5. Select a small pilot group of residents. Assess their needs and develop individualized plans using the Easy Develop a Rotation Guide in the Toolkit.

  6. Match up residents and visitors using Part VIII Assigning Room Visits in the Handbook.

  7. Observe interactions of each Visit Corps visitor with residents and make adjustments as necessary to ensure the best match.

  8. Use the notes from the Resident Room Visit Documentation Record for care planning, progress notes reporting to your colleagues in standup meetings.


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