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poyc-1-4spine-350x387.png loi-tree-150x113.png Strengthens Activity Department Supports Compliance with F248 and F249 Improves All Staff Effectiveness Enhances the Home's Market Position

  • A complete working system for 1 to 1 activity delivery. Integrates management, detailed activities, staff training and volunteer development.
  • Provides a comprehensive resource for Activity Directors to meet their biggest challenge: delivering 1 to 1 activities that are appropriate to each resident.
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  • Provides a system to manage and organize resident activities.
  • Saves time and simplifies the planning and delivery process.
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  • The Pleasure of Your Company® contains 41 detailed, varied, ready-to-use visit plans.
  • Provides effective, multi-sensory experiences for engaging the whole person, including those with Alzheimer's Disease and the cognitively frail, as well as the mentally alert.
  • Comprehensive planning toolkit for the Activity Professional.
  • Each resident's quarterly program can be customized in 15 minutes or less.
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  • Designed to support compliance with OBRA's regulation F248.
  • POYC supports assessment that results in person-appropriate activities for "self esteem, pleasure, comfort, education, creativity, success, and independence." (from F248)
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  • Designed to support compliance with OBRA's regulation F249.
  • Provides all the tools and resources necessary to organize, delegate, monitor, evaluate and supervise the entire home community as it meets the indivualized quality of life needs of each isolated resident.
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  • Every visit plan is adaptable to meet the needs of Alzheimer's and mentally frail residents.
  • Residents with Alzheimer's are stimulated, build relationships and have meaning in their lives.
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  • Organizes Visit Corps comprised of staff, volunteers and family members.
  • Creates a competent team of visitors with tools for recruitment, training, support and management.
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  • Assignment system for Visit Corps members
  • Activity Professional can easily assign and track who delivers what activities, when, and to which residents.
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  • Each component of POYC (visit plans, handbook, in-services and monthly seminars) educates staff, volunteers and residents.
  • Creates a learning community in which staff and volunteers develop comfort, competency and ease in program delivery.
  • Specific visit plans orient the resident to the workings of the home and how they fit into it.
  • When residents learn (or are reminded) of how the home works, their comfort level and feeling of belonging increases.
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  • Improves rehab outcomes
  • Rehab residents feel comfortable in the home and their attention is diverted away from their illness and focused on their recovery.
  • Activity program becomes a key marketing feature of the home.
  • When everyone in the home plays an integral part in meeting the needs of the most isolated residents, their family members are motivated to select the home. Thus, activities become an integral feature of marketing.
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  • Supports the Activity Professional as the champion of the home's culture change journey.
  • The process of culture change in the home accelerates when everyone in the home becomes engaged as quality of life professionals, building meaningful relationships, facilitating healing and continually learning.
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  • POYC is a comprehensive management system.
  • Advances the role, status and skills of the Activity Professional as the Quality of Life Manager within the long term care community.
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