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  We used The Pleasure of Your Company in another home where I was the DON and we just ordered it for our home. It’s good for the residents, for my nurses, and for volunteers and family members, who sometimes need help knowing how to spend quality time with their loved ones."  
  c-dsouza-180x180.jpg Christine D'Souza, RN
Director of Nurses
San Pablo Health Care Center
San Pablo, California
I strongly endorse The Pleasure of Your Company. It provides a really effective multi-sensory experience. It gives volunteers a focus and tools so they feel competent --even with people who can’t communicate. Our volunteer coordinator used it to develop a whole team..”

Marguerite McLaughlin
Rhode Island QIO Coordinator
Teacher, the training course for the
National Certification Council
of Activity Professionals

The Pleasure of Your Company has really simplified room visits for me, for my staff and volunteers. It made them enriching, meaningful and purposeful for the residents.

"One-on-ones are one of the biggest challenges for activity directors in long term care. Not only finding the time to provide them, but finding the right activity to provide. The Pleasure of Your Company did that. Everything was there. The structure. The activities. To individualize it, all we needed to do was use the program.

"I also used The Pleasure of Your Company with alert and oriented residents to get them involved in providing one-on-one activities.”

Lois Sciligo, ADC
Past President,
Northern California Council of Activity Coordinators

""The Pleasure of Your Company is really every activity director's dream. In my work as a trainer and consultant to activity professionals, I always recommend The Pleasure of Your Company. It's simple to use. It has everything you need for managing all your one-to-ones."
  Irene Taylor MS, AC-BC, ACC
Executive Director
National Association of Activity Professionals
(Organizational affiliation is listed for identification purposes only.
NAAP makes no endorsements.)

"With all the cuts in Medicare and Medicaid funding, nursing homes are going to have to do more with less in order to stay in compliance. I recommend  The Pleasure of Your Company  as a very cost effective and sustainable program.

As a full continuum of care provider, I bought
The Pleasure of Your Company for our Skilled Nursing and our Assisted Living homes, to involve all staff in meaningful in-room activities.  It is easy to manage and reaps benefits in easier documentation and meaningful interaction with bed bound and/or cognitively impaired residents."

  c.zimmerman-100x100.jpg Christian F. Zimmerman, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Alameda Elder Communities